Aabcserv – Multivendor On-Demand Service & Handyman Marketplace Platform

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  • Product Version : 1.3.0
  • Product Last Updated : 31.05.2023
  • License : GPL




Aabcserv is a powerful platform that facilitates the creation of a multivendor on-demand service and handyman marketplace. With its comprehensive features, it offers a robust solution for connecting service providers and customers, allowing seamless transactions and efficient service delivery. Here’s an extensive list of the features it provides:

  1. Multivendor Marketplace Setup:
  2. Service Provider Registration:
  3. Customer Account Creation:
  4. Service Listing and Management:
  5. Real-Time Service Booking:
  6. Location-Based Service Matching:
  7. Ratings and Reviews System:
  8. Service Provider Profiles:
  9. Booking Scheduling and Calendar:
  10. Secure Payment Gateways Integration:
  11. Instant Notifications:
  12. User Dashboards and Profiles:
  13. Service Categories and Subcategories:
  14. Advanced Search and Filters:
  15. Chat and Communication Platform:
  16. Service Request Tracking:
  17. Flexible Pricing Models:
  18. Service Availability Settings:
  19. Booking Confirmation and Alerts:
  20. Mobile App Compatibility:
  21. Location-Based Services Map:
  22. Geolocation Integration:
  23. Customizable Service Listings:
  24. Service Provider Reviews Management:
  25. Admin Panel for Platform Management:
  26. User Feedback and Ratings:
  27. Secure User Authentication:
  28. Service Provider Verification:
  29. Customizable Booking Process:
  30. Multi-Language Support:
  31. Promotions and Discounts:
  32. Booking Cancellation and Refunds:
  33. Service Completion Confirmation:
  34. User Notifications Settings:
  35. Invoice Generation and Management:
  36. User Support and Assistance:
  37. Admin Analytics and Insights:
  38. Service Area Radius Control:
  39. Booking History Tracking:
  40. User Testimonials Showcase:
  41. Customizable Branding:
  42. Advanced Booking Filters:
  43. Multi-Platform Accessibility:
  44. Service Request Workflow:
  45. Service Provider Commission Management:
  46. Time Slot Booking System:
  47. Integration with Map Services:
  48. Booking Reminders and Alerts:
  49. Admin Revenue Tracking:
  50. Comprehensive User Documentation:

Aabcserv offers a wide array of features catering to businesses aiming to establish a multivendor on-demand service and handyman marketplace. By offering tools for service booking, communication, and efficient transactions, Aabcserv empowers both service providers and customers to engage in seamless interactions.


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