Advanced Email System for Perfex CRM

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  • Product Version : 1.2.0
  • Product Last Updated : 19.05.2023
  • License : GPL




The Advanced Email System for Perfex CRM is a feature-rich extension designed to enhance the email communication capabilities within the Perfex CRM platform. This system provides advanced tools and functionalities to streamline email interactions, improve engagement, and optimize communication processes. Here is a list of key features provided by the Advanced Email System:

  1. Email Template Management
  2. Dynamic Email Content
  3. Customizable Email Layouts
  4. HTML and Plain Text Support
  5. Merge Tags and Variables
  6. Scheduled Email Campaigns
  7. Email Tracking and Analytics
  8. Bulk Email Sending
  9. Attachment Support
  10. Recipient Segmentation
  11. Personalized Email Campaigns
  12. Responsive Email Design
  13. Drag-and-Drop Email Builder
  14. A/B Testing for Email Campaigns
  15. Autoresponder and Drip Campaigns
  16. Email Delivery Optimization
  17. Email Bounce Handling
  18. Unsubscribe and Opt-out Options
  19. Email Notifications
  20. Real-time Email Status Updates
  21. Multi-language Email Support
  22. User Permissions and Access Control
  23. Spam Detection and Prevention
  24. Integration with External Email Services
  25. CRM Contact Integration
  26. Dynamic Contact Lists
  27. Custom Fields in Emails
  28. Email Preview Options
  29. Email Campaign Reporting
  30. Email Open and Click Tracking
  31. User Segmentation and Targeting
  32. Campaign Performance Metrics
  33. Compliance with Email Regulations
  34. Custom Sender Names and Addresses
  35. Email Automation Rules
  36. Auto-generated Follow-up Emails
  37. Email Queue Management
  38. Customizable Email Signatures
  39. Real-time Email Notifications
  40. User Support and Documentation
  41. SMTP and API Integration
  42. Email Testing and Validation
  43. Drag-and-Drop Email Editor
  44. Email Archiving and Storage
  45. Email Filtering and Sorting
  46. Dynamic Content Insertion
  47. Campaign ROI Tracking
  48. Email Security Measures
  49. Continuous Feature Updates


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