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AIT Shortcodes

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  • Product Version : 1.1.1
  • Product Last Updated : 09.02.2019
  • License : GPL

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AIT Shortcodes is a plugin that provides a comprehensive set of shortcodes for adding various elements and functionalities to your WordPress website. The following is a list of features offered by the AIT Shortcodes plugin.

  1. Content Shortcodes
  2. Layout Shortcodes
  3. Media Shortcodes
  4. Social Shortcodes
  5. Form Shortcodes
  6. Google Maps Shortcodes
  7. Custom Shortcodes
  8. Shortcode Generator
  9. Shortcode Preview
  10. Shortcode Editor
  11. Shortcode Library
  12. Shortcode Import/Export
  13. Shortcode Backup/Restore
  14. Shortcode User Roles
  15. Shortcode User Permissions
  16. Shortcode User Tracking
  17. Shortcode User Management
  18. Shortcode User Reporting
  19. Shortcode User Security
  20. Shortcode User Access Control
  21. Shortcode Multisite Support
  22. Shortcode Network Support
  23. Shortcode Shortcodes
  24. Shortcode Templates
  25. Shortcode Custom Fields
  26. Shortcode Custom Taxonomies
  27. Shortcode Custom Post Types
  28. Shortcode Custom Meta Boxes
  29. Shortcode Custom Settings
  30. Shortcode Custom Styles
  31. Shortcode Custom Scripts
  32. Shortcode Custom Login/Registration
  33. Shortcode Custom Profile
  34. Shortcode Custom Notifications
  35. Shortcode Custom Redirects
  36. Shortcode Custom Integrations
  37. Shortcode Custom Add-Ons
  38. Shortcode Custom Debugging.

9 reviews for AIT Shortcodes

  1. Deonte (verified owner)

    Affordable website enhancement, cheap price, great results.

  2. Polly (verified owner)

    Impressed with quality, cheap price, excellent installation support.

  3. Aylin (verified owner)

    Cheap price, professional plugins, great customer support.

  4. Amaya (verified owner)

    Cheap and user-friendly

  5. Willa (verified owner)

    Plugins worked fine, budget-friendly, professional enhancement.

  6. Harry (verified owner)

    Plugins made website creation seamless.

  7. Hazel (verified owner)

    Affordable and professional, plugins worked fine.

  8. Garret (verified owner)

    Budget-friendly price, enhanced website, great plugins.

  9. Charlie (verified owner)

    Good buy, no issues

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