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Easy Digital Downloads Purchase Limit

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Easy Digital Downloads Purchase Limit is a powerful plugin that allows you to limit the number of purchases a customer can make for a product or a subscription. With this plugin, you can easily restrict the number of purchases made by a customer, and manage your inventory effectively. Here are some of the top features of Easy Digital Downloads Purchase Limit:

  1. Purchase Limit for Products
  2. Purchase Limit for Subscriptions
  3. Customizable Purchase Limit Settings
  4. Customizable Purchase Limit Message
  5. Support for Multiple Purchase Limits
  6. Advanced Purchase Rules
  7. Support for One-Time Purchase Limits
  8. Support for Lifetime Purchase Limits
  9. Support for Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Purchase Limits
  10. Real-Time Purchase Validation
  11. Customizable Purchase Validation Messages
  12. Easy Setup and Configuration
  13. Detailed Documentation and Support
  14. Regular Updates and Improvements
  15. User-Friendly Interface
  16. Integration with Other Easy Digital Downloads Plugins
  17. Compatibility with Popular WordPress Themes
  18. Multi-Language Support
  19. Advanced Purchase Options
  20. Ability to Offer Discounts or Coupons for Limited Purchases
  21. Ability to Set Purchase Limits for Specific Users or User Roles
  22. Ability to Set Purchase Limits for Specific Countries or Regions
  23. Advanced Inventory Management
  24. Ability to Track Purchase History and Usage
  25. Ability to Set Low Stock Notifications
  26. Detailed Purchase Logs and Reports
  27. Advanced Purchase Security
  28. Support for Guest Checkout
  29. Support for Refunds and Cancellations
  30. Integration with Payment Gateways

These features make Easy Digital Downloads Purchase Limit a powerful tool for anyone who wants to limit the number of purchases made by their customers. With this plugin, you can manage your inventory effectively, prevent over-purchasing, and improve your sales performance. Whether you’re a small business owner or a large e-commerce retailer, this plugin can help you streamline your purchase process and boost your bottom line.

4 reviews for Easy Digital Downloads Purchase Limit

  1. Danyka (verified owner)

    Excellent theme, cheap and helpful

  2. Vesta (verified owner)

    Affordable price, professional-looking website, thanks!

  3. Russell (verified owner)

    Good buy, smooth and cheap

  4. Assunta (verified owner)

    Plugins exceeded my expectations.

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