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EventOn QR Code

  • Very cheap price & Original product !
  • 100% Clean Files & Free From Virus
  • Unlimited Domain Usage
  • Free New Version
  • Product Version : 2.0
  • Product Last Updated : 10.01.2022
  • License : GPL




EventOn QR Code is a powerful plugin that adds QR codes to your EventOn calendar. With this plugin, you can easily generate QR codes for your events, which can be scanned by attendees to quickly access event information. Here are some of the top features of EventOn QR Code:

  1. QR Code Generation
  2. Customizable QR Code Settings
  3. Customizable QR Code Design
  4. Support for Multiple QR Code Sizes
  5. Support for QR Code Colors
  6. Customizable QR Code Labels
  7. Integration with EventOn Shortcodes
  8. Integration with EventOn Widgets
  9. Support for Multilingual Websites
  10. Easy Setup and Configuration
  11. Detailed Documentation and Support
  12. Regular Updates and Improvements
  13. User-Friendly Interface
  14. Compatibility with Popular WordPress Themes
  15. Integration with Other EventOn Plugins
  16. Customizable QR Code Fields
  17. Ability to Add Event Title to QR Code
  18. Ability to Add Event Date to QR Code
  19. Ability to Add Event Time to QR Code
  20. Ability to Add Event Location to QR Code
  21. Ability to Add Event Organizer to QR Code
  22. Ability to Add Event Description to QR Code
  23. Ability to Add Event Category to QR Code
  24. Ability to Add Event Tags to QR Code
  25. Advanced QR Code Rules
  26. Ability to Create Custom QR Code Rules based on Event, Location, and Organizer
  27. Integration with QR Code Scanners
  28. Support for QR Code Analytics
  29. Track QR Code Performance
  30. Detailed QR Code Reports

These features make EventOn QR Code a powerful tool for anyone who needs to add QR codes to their EventOn calendar. With this plugin, you can provide a more convenient and modern experience for your attendees, allowing them to quickly access event information with a simple scan. Whether you’re organizing events for a small business, nonprofit organization, or personal website, this plugin can help you improve your calendar functionality and user experience.

6 reviews for EventOn QR Code

  1. Timmy (verified owner)

    Affordable price, professional-looking website, thanks!

  2. Harrison (verified owner)

    Good buy, excellent support

  3. Abigayle (verified owner)

    Professional-looking website, affordable plugins.

  4. Rosalia (verified owner)

    Budget-friendly, plugins worked fine, recommended.

  5. Jolie (verified owner)

    Budget-friendly, plugins worked fine, exceeded expectations.

  6. Maryam (verified owner)

    Impressive product, great support

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