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Give – Per Form Gateways

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Give – Per Form Gateways is a versatile feature that enables non-profit organizations, charities, and fundraisers to customize their donation forms with different payment gateways for each form. This flexibility allows organizations to cater to various donor preferences, optimize their fundraising campaigns, and improve the overall donation experience. Here are some of the key features of Give – Per Form Gateways:

  1. Custom Payment Gateways per Form
  2. Easy Gateway Configuration
  3. Support for Multiple Payment Gateways
  4. Seamless Integration with Give Platform
  5. Drag-and-Drop Form Builder
  6. Customizable Form Fields
  7. Donation Tiers and Levels
  8. Goal Tracking
  9. Currency Selection
  10. Recurring Donations
  11. Anonymous Donations
  12. Tribute and Memorial Donations
  13. Company Match Donations
  14. Tax Deductible Receipts
  15. Secure Payment Processing
  16. Payment Confirmation Emails
  17. Offline Donations Support
  18. Mobile-Optimized Forms
  19. Customizable Thank You Messages
  20. Form-Specific Email Notifications
  21. Conditional Logic
  22. Form Templates
  23. Form Previews
  24. Social Media Sharing
  25. Donation Page Customization
  26. Fraud Prevention and Security
  27. PCI Compliance
  28. SSL Encryption
  29. Payment Analytics
  30. Conversion Rate Optimization Tools
  31. Form-Specific Reporting
  32. Donor Segmentation
  33. CRM and Accounting Tools Integration
  34. API Access
  35. Webhooks
  36. Import and Export Tools
  37. Role-Based Access Control
  38. Advanced Security Features
  39. Multilingual Support
  40. Geolocation and Currency Detection
  41. Customer Support and Knowledge Base
  42. Learning Resources and Guides
  43. Donation Widgets
  44. Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Integration
  45. Event Registration and Ticketing Integration
  46. In-Kind Donations Support
  47. Sponsorships and Partnerships Integration
  48. Data Privacy and Compliance
  49. User Management
  50. White-label Solutions

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    Inexpensive and problem-free

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  5. Rafael (verified owner)

    Plugins exceeded my expectations.

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    Excellent theme, good support

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    Professional-looking website, thanks to premium plugins.

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    Good value, hassle-free

  10. Terrance (verified owner)

    Fantastic customer support, plugins worked fine.

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