Multi-Vendor – AmazCart Laravel Ecommerce System CMS Module

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  • Product Version : 1.9.5
  • Product Last Updated : 21.06.2023
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The Multi-Vendor CMS Module for AmazCart Laravel Ecommerce System is a powerful extension that empowers the AmazCart platform with multi-vendor capabilities. With this module, the ecommerce system transforms into a versatile marketplace, allowing multiple vendors to sell their products on a unified platform.

List of Features:

  1. Multi-Vendor Support
  2. Vendor Registration and Onboarding
  3. Vendor Profile Management
  4. Vendor Storefront Customization
  5. Vendor Product Listing and Management
  6. Vendor Product Categories and Tags
  7. Vendor Product Inventory Management
  8. Vendor Order Management
  9. Vendor Order Fulfillment and Shipment
  10. Vendor Order Tracking
  11. Vendor Product Pricing and Discounts
  12. Vendor Sales Analytics and Reports
  13. Vendor Revenue and Commission Tracking
  14. Vendor Product Reviews and Ratings
  15. Vendor Dashboard and Controls
  16. Vendor Sales Notifications
  17. Vendor Payout and Withdrawal
  18. Vendor Product Promotion and Marketing
  19. Vendor Customer Communication
  20. Vendor Sales Reports and Insights
  21. Admin Vendor Management
  22. Admin Vendor Approval and Verification
  23. Admin Vendor Commission Settings
  24. Admin Vendor Dashboard
  25. Admin Vendor Sales Analytics
  26. Admin Vendor Payout Management
  27. Admin Vendor Review and Rating Moderation
  28. Admin Vendor Performance Metrics
  29. Admin Vendor Product Catalog Management
  30. Admin Vendor Storefront Customization
  31. Admin Vendor Dispute Resolution
  32. Admin Vendor Support and Assistance
  33. Vendor Product Variation Management
  34. Vendor Product Image Galleries
  35. Vendor Product Videos and Media
  36. Vendor Product Promotions and Deals
  37. Vendor Product Availability Management
  38. Vendor Product Quantity and Stock Control
  39. Vendor Product SKU Management
  40. Vendor Product SEO Optimization
  41. Vendor Product Wishlist Integration
  42. Vendor Product Cross-Selling and Upselling
  43. Vendor Product Tags and Attributes
  44. Vendor Product Bulk Import/Export
  45. Vendor Product Featured Listings
  46. Vendor Product New Arrivals
  47. Vendor Product Top Sellers
  48. Vendor Product Sales Tracking
  49. Vendor Product Inventory Alerts
  50. Vendor Product Out-of-Stock Management

(Note: The features listed above represent the extensive functionalities of the Multi-Vendor CMS Module for the AmazCart Laravel Ecommerce System. The actual implementation and availability of features may vary based on the specific version and configuration of the module.)


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