Music Streaming App with Server App And Firebase

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  • Product Version : 1.0.0
  • Product Last Updated : 04.11.2023
  • License : GPL




The Music Streaming App with Server App and Firebase is a comprehensive solution for creating a dynamic and interactive music streaming platform. This app comes equipped with a server application and integrates seamlessly with Firebase for enhanced functionality. Here is a list of key features provided by the Music Streaming App:

  1. User Registration and Authentication
  2. Music Library Integration
  3. Personalized User Profiles
  4. Search and Discover Music
  5. Playlist Creation and Management
  6. Favorites and Liked Songs
  7. Multi-genre Music Categories
  8. High-quality Audio Streaming
  9. Offline Music Download
  10. Social Media Integration
  11. User Ratings and Reviews
  12. Shareable Playlist Links
  13. Artist Profiles and Bios
  14. Featured and New Releases
  15. Continuous Playback
  16. Customizable Playlists
  17. User Activity Feeds
  18. Song Lyrics Integration
  19. Audio Quality Settings
  20. User-generated Playlists
  21. Firebase Authentication
  22. Real-time Database Integration
  23. Cloud Storage for Audio Files
  24. Push Notifications
  25. In-app Messaging
  26. User Interaction Analytics
  27. Seamless Navigation
  28. Dark Mode Support
  29. Dynamic Now Playing Screen
  30. Multi-language Support
  31. User History and Recommendations
  32. Collaborative Playlists
  33. Equalizer and Audio Settings
  34. Customizable Color Themes
  35. User Engagement Metrics
  36. Firebase Cloud Functions
  37. User Privacy Settings
  38. User Feedback and Support
  39. Multi-platform Compatibility
  40. Firebase Realtime Sync
  41. Social Sharing Options
  42. Artist and Song Suggestions
  43. Dynamic Playlist Cover Art
  44. Cross-platform Sync
  45. Audio Visualization
  46. Firebase Cloud Messaging
  47. App Version Updates
  48. Secure Data Encryption
  49. Comprehensive Admin Dashboard


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