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Ninja Forms Campaign Monitor

  • Very cheap price & Original product !
  • 100% Clean Files & Free From Virus
  • Unlimited Domain Usage
  • Free New Version
  • Product Version : 3.0.6
  • Product Last Updated : 06.04.2022
  • License : GPL

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Ninja Forms Campaign Monitor is a powerful plugin that integrates Ninja Forms with Campaign Monitor to streamline your email marketing campaigns. With this integration, you can easily create custom contact forms, collect subscriber data, and automate your email marketing efforts. Here are some of the top features of Ninja Forms Campaign Monitor:

  1. Custom Form Fields
  2. Conditional Logic
  3. Multi-Page Forms
  4. Drag-and-Drop Form Builder
  5. Form Templates
  6. Spam Protection
  7. Email Notifications
  8. Confirmation Messages
  9. File Uploads
  10. PayPal Integration
  11. Stripe Integration
  12. Zapier Integration
  13. Campaign Monitor Integration
  14. Subscriber Management
  15. List Segmentation
  16. Automated Email Campaigns
  17. Email Templates
  18. A/B Testing
  19. Analytics and Reporting
  20. Customizable Email Signup Forms
  21. Subscriber Preferences
  22. Opt-In Confirmation
  23. GDPR Compliance
  24. User Registration Forms
  25. Custom CSS Styling
  26. Custom JavaScript Actions
  27. Shortcode Support
  28. Conditional Logic for Emails.

These features work together to create a powerful email marketing tool that can help you grow your subscriber list, improve engagement, and boost conversions. Whether you’re new to email marketing or an experienced pro, Ninja Forms Campaign Monitor can help you achieve your goals.

6 reviews for Ninja Forms Campaign Monitor

  1. Angus (verified owner)

    Great premium plugins, cheap price, fantastic support.

  2. Cleo (verified owner)

    Cheap price, premium plugins, exceeded expectations.

  3. Winston (verified owner)

    Impressed with quality, cheap price, excellent installation support.

  4. Bruce (verified owner)

    Happy with cheap, effective solution

  5. Rosalind (verified owner)

    Good theme, cheap and helpful support

  6. Mikel (verified owner)

    Affordable and professional plugins, thanks!

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