PerfexDashboard – Dashboard builder for PerfexCRM

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  • Product Version : 11.03.2023
  • Product Last Updated : 31.05.2023
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PerfexDashboard is a dashboard builder designed for PerfexCRM, allowing users to create customized dashboards tailored to their specific needs. Here’s a list of features offered by PerfexDashboard:

  1. Drag-and-Drop Dashboard Builder
  2. Multiple Dashboard Layouts
  3. Customizable Widgets
  4. Graphs and Charts
  5. Data Visualization
  6. KPI Monitoring
  7. Real-Time Updates
  8. Performance Metrics
  9. User-Specific Dashboards
  10. Dashboard Sharing
  11. Access Control
  12. Data Integration
  13. CRM Data Widgets
  14. Custom CSS Styling
  15. Data Filtering
  16. Exporting and Printing
  17. Mobile-Responsive Dashboards
  18. CRM Data Analysis
  19. Goal Tracking
  20. Calendar Integration
  21. Widget Previews
  22. Data Summary Widgets
  23. User-Friendly Interface
  24. Easy Configuration
  25. Widget Titles and Descriptions
  26. Integration with PerfexCRM
  27. Multiple Dashboard Themes
  28. User Permissions
  29. Time and Date Widgets
  30. Profile-Based Dashboards
  31. Global and Personal Dashboards
  32. Data Importing
  33. Notifications
  34. User-Friendly Documentation

PerfexDashboard provides an intuitive and flexible way to create custom dashboards for PerfexCRM, enabling users to monitor and analyze CRM data more effectively. It offers a range of widgets, data visualization options, and customization features to tailor the dashboard to individual preferences and needs.


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