PlayTube – The Ultimate PHP Video CMS & Video Sharing Platform

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  • Product Version : 3.1.1
  • Product Last Updated : 04.06.2024
  • License : GPL




*Activation problem fixed. Enter any key if its asking… download the patch and replace with the install/index.php


PlayTube is a comprehensive PHP-based video content management system (CMS) and video sharing platform that offers a wide array of features to facilitate the creation, management, and sharing of video content. With its versatile capabilities, PlayTube empowers users to build their own video sharing platforms, video blogs, and more. Here’s an extensive list of the features it offers:

  1. User-Friendly Interface:
  2. Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Design:
  3. Video Upload and Management:
  4. Multiple Video Formats Support:
  5. Video Quality Options:
  6. Video Import from External Sources:
  7. User Registration and Profiles:
  8. User Interaction Features:
  9. Video Comments and Likes:
  10. Video Sharing and Embedding:
  11. Video Categories and Tags:
  12. Advanced Search Functionality:
  13. Video Recommendations and Discovery:
  14. Video Privacy Settings:
  15. Monetization Options:
  16. Video Views Tracking:
  17. User Notifications and Alerts:
  18. User Followers and Following:
  19. User Activity Feeds:
  20. Video Trending and Popular Sections:
  21. Multi-Language Support:
  22. Customizable Branding and Theming:
  23. Video Playlist Creation:
  24. Social Media Integration:
  25. Video Analytics and Insights:
  26. Video Embed Codes:
  27. User Reporting and Moderation:
  28. Advertisement Integration:
  29. User Subscription and Notifications:
  30. Video Comments Moderation:
  31. User Engagement Analytics:
  32. Video Series and Seasons:
  33. Featured and Spotlighted Videos:
  34. Video Channel Pages:
  35. User Interactions Tracking:
  36. Video Sharing on Social Networks:
  37. Video Rating and Reviews:
  38. Customizable Ad Placements:
  39. User Profile Customization:
  40. Video Thumbnail Options:
  41. Subscription Notifications:
  42. Embedding External Content:
  43. User Badge and Achievements:
  44. Automated Video Publishing:
  45. User Playlist Management:
  46. Video Comment Replies:
  47. Integrated Live Streaming (if applicable):
  48. Advertisement Revenue Sharing:
  49. Playlist Sharing and Collaboration:
  50. User Support and Resources:

PlayTube offers an extensive range of features that cater to the needs of both creators and viewers in the realm of video content sharing. With its customization options, engagement features, and monetization capabilities, PlayTube empowers users to establish their own video-centric platforms and connect with their audience effectively.


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