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Popup Maker – Advanced Targeting Conditions

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  • License : GPL

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Introduction: Popup Maker – Advanced Targeting Conditions is a powerful addon for the Popup Maker plugin that enhances its targeting capabilities. With Advanced Targeting Conditions, you can precisely display popups to specific user groups, based on various parameters, creating a highly personalized and effective user experience. Here are the key features of the Popup Maker – Advanced Targeting Conditions addon:

  1. Advanced Targeting Rule Builder
  2. Page and Post-Level Targeting
  3. Mobile and Desktop Device Targeting
  4. User Role-Based Targeting
  5. Geolocation-Based Targeting
  6. Time and Date-Based Targeting
  7. Referral Source Targeting
  8. Browser-Based Targeting
  9. Logged-In and Logged-Out User Targeting
  10. Cookie-Based Targeting
  11. Custom Post Type Targeting
  12. Taxonomy Term Targeting
  13. URL Parameter Targeting
  14. User Interaction and Time on Site Targeting
  15. Integration with Popular eCommerce Plugins
  16. Multilingual Support
  17. Compatible with Popular Themes and Page Builders
  18. Detailed Documentation
  19. Regular Updates and Support
  20. GDPR Compliance
  21. Developer-friendly Hooks and Filters
  22. AJAX-powered Targeting Conditions
  23. Easy Installation and Setup
  24. Flexible and Extendable Framework

6 reviews for Popup Maker – Advanced Targeting Conditions

  1. Ezra (verified owner)

    Plugins, cheap price, fantastic quality.

  2. Pepito

    Good job, Working fine

  3. Savanah (verified owner)

    Affordable website enhancement, delivers.

  4. Quincy (verified owner)

    Affordable and seamless

  5. Liam (verified owner)

    Excellent buy, great support

  6. Cyrus (verified owner)

    Professional website, affordable price, thanks!

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