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Restrict Content Pro Group Accounts

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  • Product Version : 2.2.2
  • Product Last Updated : 27.01.2021
  • License : GPL



Restrict Content Pro Group Accounts is a plugin that integrates with Restrict Content Pro and provides businesses with the ability to manage multiple user accounts under a single account. This plugin offers a range of features to help businesses manage their user accounts, improve the user experience, and streamline their processes.


  1. Group Account Management
  2. Custom Group Account Fields
  3. Group Account Notifications
  4. Group Account Emails
  5. Group Account Reports
  6. Group Account Search and Filter
  7. Group Account Management API
  8. Group Account Custom Fields
  9. Group Account Exportation and Import
  10. User Account Management
  11. User Access Logs
  12. User Activity Tracking
  13. User Access Reports
  14. User Access Search and Filter
  15. Restrict Content Pro Integration
  16. User Management API
  17. Custom User Fields
  18. Group Account Shortcodes
  19. Group Account Templates
  20. Group Account Dashboard.

7 reviews for Restrict Content Pro Group Accounts

  1. Zoie (verified owner)

    Budget-friendly, plugins worked fine, recommended.

  2. Amir (verified owner)

    Budget-friendly and seamless

  3. Werner (verified owner)

    Affordable website enhancement, cheap price, great results.

  4. Carroll (verified owner)

    Professional-looking website, thanks to premium plugins.

  5. Harley (verified owner)

    Affordable and effective

  6. Jaquan (verified owner)

    Plugins made website creation a breeze.

  7. Macey (verified owner)

    Top-notch plugins, affordable price, thanks!

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