Rewardy – Status App with Reward Points + PWA + Backend

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  • Product Version : 1.2
  • Product Last Updated : 29.05.2023
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“Rewardy – Status App with Reward Points + PWA + Backend” is a feature-rich application designed to provide users with a dynamic experience that combines status updates and a reward points system. This platform offers a comprehensive set of features to engage users, encourage participation, and enhance their overall experience. Below is an extensive list of the app’s key features:


  1. User-Friendly Status Updates
  2. Reward Points System Integration
  3. Progressive Web App (PWA) Compatibility
  4. Backend Management System
  5. User Profile Customization
  6. Status Posting and Editing
  7. Real-Time Notifications
  8. Points Accumulation Tracking
  9. Interactive User Dashboard
  10. Points Redemption Options
  11. Customizable Status Categories
  12. Points Earning Opportunities
  13. User Authentication and Authorization
  14. User Engagement Metrics
  15. Points History and Transactions
  16. Customizable Status Privacy Settings
  17. Gamification Elements
  18. Multi-Language Support
  19. Points Expiry Management
  20. Responsive Mobile Design
  21. Points Conversion Options
  22. User Activity Tracking
  23. Push Notifications Integration
  24. Points Transfer between Users
  25. User Following and Followers
  26. Points Usage Reports
  27. Points Distribution for Referrals
  28. Social Media Sharing of Status
  29. User Activity Feeds
  30. Points Tier System
  31. Customizable User Avatars
  32. Points for Commenting and Interaction
  33. Integration with Payment Gateways
  34. Badges and Achievements
  35. Real-Time Status Updates
  36. Points for User Contributions
  37. API Integration for Third-Party Apps
  38. Points for Content Sharing
  39. User Interaction Analytics
  40. Backend User Management
  41. Points Leaderboard Display
  42. User Point Redemptions
  43. Points for Daily Visits
  44. Customizable Reward Catalog
  45. Admin Dashboard for Management
  46. Points for Daily Activities
  47. Customizable Notifications
  48. Points for Completing Tasks
  49. Data Analytics and Insights
  50. Points for Event Participation

“Rewardy – Status App with Reward Points + PWA + Backend” offers a comprehensive range of features that combine status updates with a rewarding points system. By integrating user engagement, gamification, and rewards, the app aims to provide an engaging and enjoyable experience for users.


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