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WooCommerce Ajax-Enabled Enhanced Layered Navigation

  • Very cheap price & Original product !
  • 100% Clean Files & Free From Virus
  • Unlimited Domain Usage
  • Free New Version
  • Product Version : 2.0.2
  • Product Last Updated : 29.03.2024
  • License : GPL

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WooCommerce Ajax-Enabled Enhanced Layered Navigation is a plugin that allows you to improve your WooCommerce store’s navigation by adding filters that allow your customers to quickly find products based on their preferences. This powerful plugin enhances the shopping experience for your customers and provides them with a more efficient way to search for products. Below is a list of features that WooCommerce Ajax-Enabled Enhanced Layered Navigation offers:

  1. Ajax-Enabled Layered Navigation
  2. Dynamic Product Count Display
  3. Customizable Filter Options
  4. Customizable Filter Labels
  5. Customizable Filter Styles
  6. Customizable Filter Order
  7. Customizable Filter Hierarchy
  8. Customizable Filter Display Types
  9. Customizable Price Filter
  10. Customizable Rating Filter
  11. Customizable Product Attribute Filter
  12. Customizable Taxonomy Filter
  13. Customizable Search Filter
  14. Customizable Vendor Filter
  15. Customizable Brand Filter
  16. Customizable Color Filter
  17. Customizable Size Filter
  18. Customizable Material Filter
  19. Customizable Style Filter
  20. Customizable Season Filter
  21. Customizable Gender Filter
  22. Customizable Age Group Filter
  23. Customizable Category Filter
  24. Customizable Subcategory Filter
  25. Customizable Tag Filter
  26. Customizable SKU Filter
  27. Customizable Stock Filter
  28. Customizable Weight Filter
  29. Customizable Dimensions Filter
  30. Customizable Custom Field Filter
  31. Customizable Custom Filter
  32. Customizable Filter Widget Display
  33. Customizable Filter Widget Order
  34. Customizable Filter Widget Labels
  35. Customizable Filter Widget Styles
  36. Customizable Filter Widget Hierarchy
  37. Customizable Filter Widget Display Types
  38. Customizable Filter Widget Count Display
  39. Customizable Filter Widget Price Slider
  40. WordPress Multisite Compatibility.

2 reviews for WooCommerce Ajax-Enabled Enhanced Layered Navigation

  1. Kurtis (verified owner)

    Budget-friendly and problem-free

  2. Ima (verified owner)

    Cheap price, professional plugins, great customer support.

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