WoWonder – The Ultimate PHP Social Network Platform

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  • 100% Clean Files & Free From Virus
  • Unlimited Domain Usage
  • Free New Version
  • Product Version :4.3.1
  • Product Last Updated : 30/11/2023
  • License : GPL




“WoWonder – The Ultimate PHP Social Network Platform” is a comprehensive software solution designed to create robust and feature-rich social networking platforms. With a focus on user engagement, communication, and customization, WoWonder empowers individuals and businesses to build their own social networks. Below is an extensive list of the platform’s key features:


  1. User Registration and Authentication
  2. User Profiles and Avatars
  3. News Feed and Timeline
  4. Customizable Feeds and Content
  5. Status Updates and Posts
  6. Multimedia Sharing (Photos, Videos, GIFs)
  7. Real-Time Notifications
  8. User Following and Followers
  9. Friend Requests and Connections
  10. User Privacy Settings
  11. Messaging and Chat System
  12. Group and Community Creation
  13. User Wall and Activity Stream
  14. Hashtags and Trending Topics
  15. Multi-Language Support
  16. User Emojis and Reactions
  17. Mobile App Compatibility
  18. User Tagging and Mentions
  19. Social Sharing Buttons
  20. Live Video Broadcasting
  21. Event Creation and Management
  22. Customizable User Dashboard
  23. User Stories and Highlights
  24. Customizable Themes and Layouts
  25. Advanced Search and Filtering
  26. Multi-Platform Access
  27. Ads and Monetization Options
  28. User Verification Badges
  29. User Posts Moderation
  30. User Activity Analytics
  31. Polls and Surveys
  32. Post Scheduling
  33. Integration with External Services
  34. Profile Verification Mechanism
  35. User Analytics and Insights
  36. Customizable Widgets and Plugins
  37. User Activity Notifications
  38. API Integration for Developers
  39. Commenting and Discussions
  40. User Recommendations
  41. Customizable User Notifications
  42. User Blocking and Reporting
  43. Gamification Elements
  44. Integration with Payment Gateways
  45. Multi-Column Layout Options
  46. Trending Hashtags Display
  47. Real-Time Feed Updates
  48. User Profile Customization
  49. Admin Dashboard for Management
  50. User Content Moderation

“WoWonder – The Ultimate PHP Social Network Platform” offers a comprehensive suite of features to create engaging and dynamic social networking platforms. By providing tools for user interaction, content sharing, and customization, it aims to empower users to create their own social communities with ease.


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