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LearnDash LMS Stripe Integration

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  • 100% Clean Files & Free From Virus
  • Unlimited Domain Usage
  • Free New Version
  • Product Version : 1.9.3
  • Product Last Updated : 08.04.2022
  • License : GPL



“LearnDash LMS Stripe Integration” is a plugin that integrates the popular LearnDash LMS plugin with the Stripe payment gateway. Here is a list of its features:

  1. Stripe Payment Gateway Integration
  2. Course Payment Processing
  3. Subscription Payment Processing
  4. Recurring Payment Support
  5. Order Management
  6. Order Tracking
  7. Payment History
  8. Integration with LearnDash Courses and Subscriptions
  9. Multiple Currency Support
  10. Customizable Payment Forms
  11. Multi-Lingual Support
  12. Customizable Email Templates
  13. User Role Management
  14. REST API Support
  15. Import/Export of Orders and Payments
  16. Refund Processing
  17. Payment Failed Notification
  18. Payment Success Notification
  19. Customer Account Management
  20. Support for Stripe Checkout
  21. Support for Stripe Elements
  22. Support for Stripe Connect
  23. Support for Stripe Webhooks
  24. Support for Stripe Subscriptions API
  25. Support for Stripe Payment Intents API

7 reviews for LearnDash LMS Stripe Integration

  1. Eldred (verified owner)

    Plugins worked fine, fantastic customer support.

  2. Alana (verified owner)

    Affordable, impressive support

  3. Johann (verified owner)

    Plugins made website creation a breeze.

  4. Duane (verified owner)

    WPSHOP has made it so easy for me to enhance my website’s functionality without breaking the bank. Thank you for the great service.

  5. Abe (verified owner)

    Affordable and efficient

  6. Josh (verified owner)

    Cheap price, fantastic plugins, easy installation.

  7. Ted (verified owner)

    Plugins worked fine, budget-friendly, professional results.

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