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MyThemeShop URL Shortener Pro

  • Very cheap price & Original product !
  • 100% Clean Files & Free From Virus
  • Unlimited Domain Usage
  • Free New Version
  • Product Version : 1.0.16
  • Product Last Updated : 16.04.2022
  • License : GPL

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MyThemeShop URL Shortener Pro is a feature-rich WordPress plugin designed to help website owners create, manage, and track custom short URLs with ease. This powerful plugin offers a variety of features that make it an indispensable tool for any website owner looking to optimize their links and improve user experience. The following list highlights the numerous features that make MyThemeShop URL Shortener Pro an essential addition to any WordPress-powered website:

  1. Custom Short URL Creation
  2. Advanced Link Tracking and Analytics
  3. Branded Short URLs
  4. Multiple Redirect Types
  5. Click and Referrer Information
  6. Geo-Targeting Links
  7. Device-Based Redirects
  8. Link Expiration Control
  9. Link Password Protection
  10. URL Import and Export
  11. Bulk URL Shortening
  12. UTM Tag Builder
  13. Customizable URL Slug
  14. QR Code Generator
  15. Built-in Link Cloaking
  16. Social Sharing Buttons
  17. Broken Link Checker Integration
  18. Search Engine Friendly Links
  19. Multi-Site Support
  20. Localization and Translation Ready
  21. Extensive Documentation and Tutorials
  22. Customer Support

This extensive list of features ensures that MyThemeShop URL Shortener Pro provides website owners with a powerful and flexible solution to create, manage, and track custom short URLs, making it a must-have plugin for any WordPress-powered site.

9 reviews for MyThemeShop URL Shortener Pro

  1. Virgil (verified owner)

    Budget-friendly enhancement, cheap price, top-notch results.

  2. Meredith (verified owner)

    Budget-friendly enhancement, premium plugins.

  3. Jacquelyn (verified owner)

    Cheap and user-friendly

  4. Lon (verified owner)

    Affordable and reliable

  5. Melisa (verified owner)

    Affordable website enhancement, cheap price, great results.

  6. Darby (verified owner)

    Professional website, affordable price, thanks!

  7. Alexis (verified owner)

    Budget-friendly, excellent support

  8. Kristy (verified owner)

    Affordable website enhancement, delivers.

  9. Sonny (verified owner)

    Affordable plugins, easy installation, worked fine.

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