NazMart – Tenant Shop Flutter Mobile App

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  • Product Version : 1.0.2
  • Product Last Updated : 04.11.2023
  • License : GPL




NazMart is a cutting-edge Tenant Shop Flutter Mobile App designed to provide an efficient and user-friendly shopping experience for both tenants and customers. This app serves as a mobile platform for tenants to showcase and sell their products, creating a seamless shopping environment. Here is a list of key features provided by NazMart:

  1. Tenant Registration and Onboarding
  2. Product Listing and Display
  3. Multi-category Product Organization
  4. Product Details and Descriptions
  5. High-quality Product Images
  6. Search and Filter Functionality
  7. Secure Login and Authentication
  8. Shopping Cart Management
  9. User-friendly Checkout Process
  10. Multiple Payment Options
  11. Order History and Tracking
  12. Push Notifications
  13. Product Ratings and Reviews
  14. Wishlist and Favorites
  15. User Profile Management
  16. Responsive Design
  17. Multi-language Support
  18. Tenant Dashboard for Product Management
  19. Tenant Order Processing
  20. Order Confirmation and Receipts
  21. Real-time Inventory Tracking
  22. Special Offers and Discounts
  23. Customer Support Chat
  24. In-app Messaging with Customers
  25. Customer Feedback and Ratings
  26. Order Status Updates
  27. Address Book Management
  28. Secure Payment Integration
  29. User Notifications
  30. GDPR Compliance
  31. Seamless Navigation
  32. Analytics and Insights
  33. Continuous App Updates
  34. User-friendly Interface
  35. Tenant-specific Promotions
  36. Flash Sales and Time-limited Offers
  37. Customizable Branding
  38. Secure Data Encryption
  39. Multi-platform Compatibility
  40. QR Code Scanning for Product Details
  41. Social Media Integration
  42. Easy Returns and Refunds
  43. Dynamic Product Carousel
  44. Tenant Loyalty Programs
  45. Tenant-Specific News and Updates
  46. Tenant Performance Analytics
  47. Product Comparison Features
  48. App Version Updates
  49. Comprehensive Admin Dashboard


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