Real Voice – AI Text to Speech Plugin for WordPress

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  • Product Version : 1.22
  • Product Last Updated : 29.03.2024
  • License : GPL




Real Voice is an advanced AI-driven Text-to-Speech (TTS) plugin for WordPress that brings a new dimension to content accessibility and user engagement. By leveraging cutting-edge artificial intelligence, this plugin converts written text into lifelike, natural-sounding speech. Here’s a comprehensive list of key features provided by the Real Voice AI Text to Speech Plugin:

  1. High-Quality Text-to-Speech Conversion:
  2. AI-Powered Natural Voice Synthesis:
  3. Multiple Language Support:
  4. Customizable Voice Styles:
  5. Dynamic Voice Modulation:
  6. Instant Content Vocalization:
  7. Post/Page-Level TTS Control:
  8. Shortcode Integration:
  9. Widget for Text-to-Speech Toggle:
  10. Responsive Voice Player:
  11. Automatic Language Detection:
  12. Voice Gender Selection:
  13. Speech Rate Adjustment:
  14. Pause and Resume Playback:
  15. Voice Pitch Control:
  16. Voice Emphasis and Intonation:
  17. Text Highlighting During Playback:
  18. Customizable Read-Aloud Controls:
  19. Speech Synthesis API Integration:
  20. Speech Caching for Faster Playback:
  21. Global TTS Settings:
  22. User Preferences for TTS:
  23. Compatibility with Gutenberg Editor:
  24. Compatible with Classic Editor:
  25. Text-to-Speech for Custom Post Types:
  26. Media Attachment Speech Support:
  27. Interactive Audiobook Mode:
  28. Subtitle Generation:
  29. Multilingual Speech Output:
  30. SEO-Friendly Spoken Content:
  31. Accessibility Compliance:
  32. User-Friendly Interface:
  33. Real-Time Pronunciation Correction:
  34. Speech Preview Feature:
  35. Voice Selection for Different Sections:
  36. Speech Analytics and Insights:
  37. Secure API Integration:
  38. Text Highlight Color Customization:
  39. Speech History and Archive:
  40. Speech-to-Text Integration (Optional):
  41. Customizable Read-Aloud Buttons:
  42. Integration with Custom Themes:
  43. Customizable Speech Overlay:
  44. GDPR Compliance:
  45. Regular Plugin Updates:
  46. Detailed Documentation and Guides:
  47. Customer Support and Assistance:
  48. Volume Control:
  49. Background Speech Playback:
  50. Language Pronunciation Customization:

Real Voice revolutionizes the way website content is consumed by providing an immersive and inclusive experience for all users. Whether enhancing accessibility for differently-abled individuals or offering a convenient way for users to consume content on the go, this plugin is a powerful addition to any WordPress site.


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